Two girls asked me out! Who do I pick?

They're both equally pretty so its difficult to decide. One is the science type and is has nice curves. She's not chubby or anything but she has more to her, in an attractive way.

The other is from performing arts and has a nice athletic body, she even asked me what I think of her behind. Which is what led her to asking me out.

I know its wrong to objectify women like this, I feel bad but don't girls look at a guys bod as well?
They both are attractive and I don't know which I like more or have more in common with.


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  • follow your heart.


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  • The one u pick is the one that makes u smile and laugh and u can be yourself around. Don't look at body or face etc. A relationship that will last can't only be built on that if u have nothing in common and can't make each other happy.

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