I don't know how to think about this?

My co-worker and I have slept together. We like each other a great deal and talk everyday, plus see each other 5 days a week at work. Whenever I look at him he smiles and stares. Goes out of his way to pass me at work as well so that I will notice him. We hung out the day after my birthday and he brought me to a beautiful overlook of the city and I had such a good time. He introduced me to one of his friends and held my hand in front of her. We ended up sleeping together and the day afterwards, some girl started a bunch of drama so he didn't answer me at all, all day long. Its the first day we have gone without speaking. I went out to the bar with a girl friend that he is also friends with and he called her twice and spoke to me over the phone but hung up before saying bye both times. Then I emailed him because I was rather upset and said "You didn't have to hang up on me. I don't know what I did to you." And he emailed me this morning and said "Nothing, I was busy and I'm sorry." So I said "Don't worry about it." And he never responded. Now before we hooked up he was emailing me saying he wanted to be the reason for the smile on my face. He wanted to treat me how I should be treated. He was going to try to make me the happiest girl alive. I asked him how he was going to do that and he said "By being there for you and holding you close without overstepping boundaries. You deserve everything." I'm so confused about what's going on. I don't know if he's stopped talking to me because of the drama this girl started or if it was the simple fact that he was using me. But I really honestly don't believe he would use me knowing that he would have to face me everyday at work. Its a small work place (Dunkin Donuts) so he can't avoid me at all. I'm so strung out over this. He has told all his friends he likes someone and they have told me. So I know he's interested? But why the sudden lack of contact after sex?


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  • Sounds like he has guilt. And dont know how to deal with it.

    • Guilt about what?

    • Overstepping the boundaries. Iam old school and believe in sex after marriage perhaps the guy also had similar convictions but fell. Although I don't know how he is like.

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  • Looks like he tried his best to get u in bed and now he's gone cold hoping u leave him alone. Gues he just wanted to dunk in your donut and doesn't want seconds. Forget him and let him make the. moves but don't be so quick to get in bed until he proves worthy of u.


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