I'm waiting for her... I can't wait more.. Please help me.. What can I do?

I meet with a girl last 6 Jan 2014 , then she become friends with me , she seems like that she lives me , one day she needed my personal pic, I didn't gave her, I said u can collect it by facebook there was so many pic. I know that she have a boyfriend, but she behave with me like she loves me, then I fall in love, then on 25 March I proposed her.. She asked why I fall in love? She already have boyfriend, then I said I don't know. On that time my tears come from eye, I can't control my imotion.. Then when I asked that, do u like me? She only said that she have boyfriend. Then I leave, after 8 months she left form our company. The last 2 nd feb she agin comes here & meet with others, I didn't talk with her & she also didn't, then she left.. But still I love her, I'm trying to forgot her, but I can't. What can I do? Did she really love me? Or its just a acting?


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  • It seems like she was being flirty with you but didn't think you'd catch feelings. She knows she messed up and lost a good friend. I don't think her boyfriend treats her good and that's why she needed you to fill in that emptiness. I'm sorry, what she did was cruel and she has some serious issues. You deserve better than someone who will play with your feelings just to feel better about themselves...

    • I guess so.. 5 months ago she might brake up with his boyfriend... I don't know she loves me or not. I'm tried to be good friend with her but she all time talking with her boyfriend , & I become angry at her.. At that time I just silently leave her..
      Is it better to forgot everything?

    • She's not worth your time. Find somebody who will want to be with you and it won't be so difficult to be together. Move on and forget her. She seems like a very selfish person and you deserve better.

    • U r right..

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  • Don't sit around and wait because it doesn't seem like she'll wait for you. She just likes knowing you're there waiting on her every move. Talk to other girls, go on dates, then decide if you really want to wait for this girl or if you have someone better right there in front of you.

    • After proposal , 3 times I tried to going out with her , & tried to talking with her friendly , but she behave with me like she doesn't like me & every time she talking with her boyfriend, then I decided to forgot her & then I stop to talking with her. After that she again comes me & trying to talk with me, but I ignore her. I told her to friendship with me on fb but she didn't...
      When she resigned our company , I called her, I told her & said don't go but she cut my phone...
      What can I do now?

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  • If you like her, go find out and do something about it

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