Girls, How important is a man's physical attractiveness to you?

Answer as naturally and as honestly as you can.

What physical factors most strongly influence your attraction to a potential mate?

1) Symmetry
2) Facial Proportions
3) Coloring
4) Body Size
5) Fitness Levels and Health
6) Skin Quality

^ Which of these do you deem most important

Last Question: How attractive would you rate yourself physically?

  • I only care about looks
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  • Looks are very important
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  • I care about looks equal with other factors
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  • I don't care about looks
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  • I have also appreciated guys personalities that was always number one to me then looks when I was looking for a guy. But I got out of a 3 year relationship and I start liking a other guy I realize that when I was in that 3 year relationship I did love him but I was never attracted to him. The attraction was never there that why our sex life was horrible (I was always in so much pain during sex every time he never got me wet). But after meeting the guy I know like I realizes I'm sexually attraction to him he can make me wet for days. We planning to have sex so I think the sex would be amazing with him since makes me wet like a foundation. I realize after this experience that yes looks are very important like personality if I can't be naturally attached to them then I can't or shouldn't have a relationship with them. Its not fair to date someone but you know you never find them sexually attracted especially if you going to spend the rest of your life with them at lease be sexually attracted to them.

    • ... you're 17. :l

      I didn't start having sex until I was 20 just so you know..

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    • Excuse me how do you know I think losing my virginity was a mistake?

    • It's okay, you just don't know yet that it was a mistake. Wait a few years to reflect on it and you'll understand. You will be fine. :)

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What Girls Said 12

  • I can't have sex with someone I'm not attracted to. Period. Which is why the large amount of guys who are telling women to "settle" are incompetent.

    If I settle with a guy who isn't attractive, he's not going to get any sex. How many guys want to be in that situation when they're not asexual? Not many.

    How many guys would like their women to think of another man during sex than them?

    How many guys would like to know that their women sleep with them just to make him happy, but she REALLY doesn't enjoy herself or want to?

    Probably the selfish ones who are only thinking about getting themselves off, but I think the majority of men aren't that way.

  • I'm attracted to personalities but I also need to be physically attracted. Call me shallow, but whatever.

    What physically attracts me is the fact that he looks like he takes care of himself. Like I can tell he has showered recently, put deodorant on, etc. If I'm taking a while to look good, he better also be taking a while.

  • I think scent is just as important. If a guy smells amazing he becomes more attractive to me than a guy who stinks.

  • Looks are important as far as initial attraction goes but they are the most important thing to me. Guys have become more attractive to me after getting to know them.

  • my boyfriends personality won me over and got me totally in love. I hadn't even seen him yet (met online, skyped etc...). But then I found out how he looks and he is handsome as hell. So that made me excited ofcourse :D

    • That's great do you recommend online dating? I am 22 and to be honest I meet 90% of girls at bars and clubs, and the other 10% at school or at the gym.

    • that question was mildly rhetorical just so you know.

    • I HIGHLY recommend it cause it has been such a success for me. I literally found my soulmate this way. We werent even looking, but he contacted me on youtube (I got some channels there :) ). Then progressed to facebook and then we started skyping for hours daily. We are super alike and even our facial features look alike. Because of all the talking we got to know each other through and through. Then we decided to meet irl and I lived with him for 2 months and it was even better. We know we will stay together forever no matter what difficulties cross our path. Im going back Saturday (he lives in denmark, me in belgium), and I plan on going to live with him in October :)

  • If a guy has an amazing personality, a good sense of humor, and is smart thats what maters. Looks shouldn't matter.

  • I thought I cared more about looks, but as I've gotten older, I've started to appreciate other qualities a lot more. There's definitely a balance and a guy with good looks and a horrible personality will always lose compared to a guy with an amazing personality and so-so looks for me.

  • I am crushing on a d00d who isn't the fittest or most attractive in the world, TO OTHER GIRLS.

    I don't know now i think his chubby arms are hella sexy cause its part of the same body that to his hilarious noggin is.

  • 1, 4, 5, 6

  • If he looks good, he looks good, I don't go though a list of things he needs to live up to.

  • When I like a guy/ like his personality, then I become a lot more blind to his physical flaws, so looks really don't matter that much. But can definitely make a guy more attractive.

  • Well I dated really handsome guys and really not so handsome jajaja the kind of guy that everyone ask "what did you see in that guy?"

    there's just one thing, Im tall so he need to be tall too. I dont like guys with muscles but I dont like too skinny either. I like someone that take care of himself about his body and etc. I find really atractive someone that do sports.
    I like that they take care of their skin, staring with the food.
    I like cute smile and not super white teeth. I mean i like natural white or only cute and health.
    i like guys that smell good but not the ones that shower in lotion, thats just a huge NO for me.

    Anyway for the first time sometimes it count a lot :) but if he is all that i like physically but a dumb or with an awful personality then the way he looks is like nothing.

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