My best friend is a lesbian, where would she find potential partners?

My best friend is a lesbian, me and all her other friends are all in relationships and we are sick of seeing her lonely and feeling down. She's 18 and we have no idea where to get her to look. We know of nobody else who is gay and a potential partner so we are really struggling to help her out. Any suggestions welcome, please no suggestions of internet relationships/dating sites, she's been in long distance relationships and always ends up getting hurt. Not happening again. Also being a young girl it's sort of a bit risky meeting up with strangers

Seriously I stated in the question no internet sites etc. Use your eyes and your brain and work it out.
She has been there done that. Ain't happening again.


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  • You could try going to a gay bar - usually the guys in there don't really care or annoy you since they're gay and there should always be other girls looking for potential partners, they're also great places just to chill out and dance without being groped by those horny, disgusting guys you find at normal clubs ;)

    • Nice shout, the closest sort of gay clubs are like an hour away and the trains are shit, plus she's a tad shy :(
      I know what you mean about guys in clubs. Seriously just want to throttle them all

    • that's too bad :/ but honestly I think that if she gives off the right vibe once she's comfortable in her environment she will attract the right people. She could start with giving women she finds pretty the same signals as other girls give to guys, as in just smile at them and see how they react, the worst thing that could happen if the other girl isn't lesbian would be that she would probably think you're friend is just trying to be friendly in some kind of weird way - + you'd be surprised how many bisexual women are actually out there!

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    • Already said, no. Doesn't end well plus she's an 18 year old girl. The world is ful of creeps who prey on young women

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    • Yeah well I'd rather my best friend wasn't set up with some creep pretending to be an 18year old lesbian. She's done shit like that before and it has never ended well, we need a way for her to find someone she likes in the flesh the old fashioned way

    • That is gping to be EXTREMELY HARD for her. Also if she lives in America and happens to live in one of the southern states, good luck. it is insurmountably harder

  • OKC if you're in an even slightly urban/suburban area.

    • What's OKC?

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    • Noooooooo, no internet sites.
      We need her to do it the old fashioned way

    • Ok.
      Umm, you didn't specify that you didn't want sites, so, I don't know why I got downvoted.

      I live in SF, and half of my female friends are lesbians.
      Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Has found love (not just hookups, but love) through OKC & similar sites.

      Unfortunately there is no "olde lesbian inn" where gay girls chill, waiting for singles.

      Yah just gotta get out there and try.

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