How to test whether a guy likes you (over texting)?

I've been texting this guy which I used to date a while ago and i'm not certain what the intentions are of him texting me, we have met up once and he'd asked to see me again but then said he was sorry he wasn't sure if he was free... Taking this as a bad sign. But basically he shows me mixed signals and I also think he thinks he could have me easily if he wanted so how do I test this and try to show him he doesn't have me easily but without looking like im being mean/totally not interested?

(I never initiate the texting its always him and its nearly every day.)


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  • Advise: Don't test guys!!!

    Just get to know him and let him get to know. Have fun with him. Those silly tests will always stand in the way of enjoying the time you spend together.


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  • if u never initiae then chances r he might assume u r not interested anyway i'm afraid


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