Tips and Ideas for a first meet - date?

I have been in a long-distance relationship a girl for about a month now, I know it sounds silly.
Anyways, in like two weeks she will come to my town for about a month for holidays...
We both agreed that we will go out on our FIRST date together. Everything is fine, I have a plan of where we could go and stuff to do. However there is this small question. Should I buy flowers for her or should I rather not since it's our first date and if I do buy her some flowers would it be comfortable for her to carry those while we are on out on a date? and what would her uncle's and aunt's reaction be, if she brings those flowers at their home.


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  • movie date!!!

    • but this is our first date ma'am wouldn't it better to 'get to know eachother' a little more? movies can wait ^^

What Guys Said 1

  • eh flowers r kinda old-fashioned in my opinion... and it might seem weird since u r both teens (she's a teen as well i assume)

    • Yes she is, same age.. sir.

    • Not "sir"... i 'm not 100.

      Anyway I'd not suggest flowers at any age, especially when both r teens

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