If a girl liked you a long time ago, but you didn't do anything/didn't know, can you change it, make it up, make her like you again?

Well, I've had a hunch for a while now that the girl I'm interested in right now was into me some time in the past, about a year ago. Basically, I want to know, is it possible to make it up.


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  • If you mean rekindle any feelings, I would simply ask her out or see if she's still interested.

    • Or I could stay home and started drowning my problems in a bottle.

    • You could do that but that wouldn't get you anywhere, would it? Besides cirrhosis. Asking this girl gives you plenty of other options--as possibility to date her, knowledge/wisdom that if you waited too long she would be disinterested, that she may have moved on and so should you or she could introduce you to a cute friend that likes you...


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  • I know that feel too and I hope so :/
    I was and still am kinda oblivious so looking back at my old text messages I can help but facepalm at all the signs and cues I was given and missed but at the same time I'm upset that they weren't more straightforward with it. I had a mean ugly ducking phase so I'm not well versed in this subliminal shit and I assume there's not interest.
    I guess you just gotta hit her up and find out