How many of you would raid your SO phone if you had the chance?

This is not something I would ever do because I respect privacy but it is something I have big trust issues with as my mother raids my home when I leave her alone when she visits.

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  • Only if I wanted to see if they were dating someone else
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  • Never it isn't right
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  • Depends on the girl/ guy I'm dating
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Thanks for the responses. I'm glad to see the vast majority of us respect other people's privacy.


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  • If I ever felt the need to do that , it's the beginning of the end

    • I agree, a relationship without trust a waste of time.

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    • Thank you young Lady for MHO

    • That's what I say. I'm not jealous in a secure relationship. If I am jealous something is wrong. I don't need to sneak your actions will tell me but some men do love to snoop. I'm lucky I haven't had that kind of guy lately though. I don't cheat it's just not in me.

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  • Phones are private things. Other people have no right to be looking in another person's phone even if they are dating them. Relationships need trust and people should trust the person enough to not need to go through the other persons phone.

  • No, I wouldn't.

  • Y U NO lock your phone?

  • Remember what Regan said: "Trust, but verify."

  • Eh, she's a mother, she's allowed

    • Yeah right. It's highly disrespectful and she always looks guilty when I get back but than blabs to my siblings about anything she might have found and what it might mean.

    • No my mom isn't going too come I my house and snoops round through my stuff and I'm thinking this young lady feels it's inappropriate that hers does. Ificatchmine rummageing through mine I know how and would tell her to get the hell out

What Girls Said 5

  • I wouldn't at all. I don't have trust issues.

    • I second that. Plus if you do whatever you do find is just going to make it worse rather you are right or wrong. I trust but once it is broken...

  • If you wouldn't be curious or tempted, you are lying to yourselves. Whether or not you actually do it is a totally separate issue.

    • Wow, no. I have no desire to go through anyone's phone. Even guys that I was dating and felt they needed to make excuses for nights they had 'plans'. Their face tells me all I need to know. The current person I'm dating is extremely honest sometimes too much even for his own good poor thing.

      When I want to know more about someone I ask them to show me/ tell me. The first time I asked to go to his place after a date he goes, ' okay but it's really messy.'. My response was, 'perfect'. I didn't rummage but it gave me an idea of what 'mess' means to him. There was a dating book left out on one of the tables. I WAS tempted to read through that but I didn't. Basically if that book said some messed up stuff on dating like "The Rules" I'd have that in my head and subconsciously it would play into my perception of him which isn't fair. Trust is so very hard to earn and so very easy to lose.

    • You have a surprising lack of natural curiosity. I find this concerning.

    • :-) Thanks for your concern. I'm very curious, so much so I know my little mind would go racing dreaming up scenario's on info gained while snooping. I do google a person for my protection but that's about it. I've had enough bad relationships to learn what it takes to make a good one.

  • Nah. I trust him.
    I wouldn't be with someone i didn't trust.

  • My boyfriend and I don't hide stuff from each other. He wouldn't care

  • not applicable right now but I still wouldn't !!