Should I give it a chance or move on?

I like this girl and honestly I think she might like me. She is the one who always goes out of her way to talk, she snap chats me first, playfully punches me, and responds quickly and puts some thought into her texts. I have asked her out and it ended up being and actual possible reason. She didn't suggest an alternative so I've been told that means she wasn't interested. It truly has been stressful because people that observe us think she is flirting with me. I'd really like to take her but I'm discouraged from asking the first time. Should I just move on.


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  • Ask her if she likes you. You have nothing to lose

  • What was her response to you asking her out?

    • That she had work everday that week because she works 2 jobs. I know that part is true. She also said she already had promised 5 people that she would hangout with them.

    • She doesn't see you that way.. If she had saw you as more than a friend you'd be above that list

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