What am I suppose to do?

Alright. So met this guy over a year ago. We hung out a bit and texted a lot. We had a mutual friend and I was told I wasn't allowed to go for him. So he went back with his ex and I went back to mine.

About a month ago he messaged me and asked me out on a date that I didn't know was a date. (Quick back story I'm emotionally destroyed. I've been doing really well and have my feelings in check, but I really liked this guy a year before) we ended up going for dinner and drinks and camping. (Ya I slept with him)

We spent two weeks seeing each other constantly. He text me good morning and good night. He was being all mushy with me saying he missed me. My friend interagated him and asked if it was just sex. So we only did it the first night cause he was trying to prove that it wasn't just about sex.

Hadn't seen him in a week which no big deal just kind of odd. But he called and we talked all night and he said he missed me and was falling for me. I tried to hang out with him all week. But our schedules didn't work. So after two weeks of not seeing him and barely talking. I asked if I was ever going to see him again. He said he was a mess and had a bunch of stuff to get in order and do this and that and that he needed time. After that I told him to let me know when that is and maybe I'll still be around. I told him from the start that if I didn't feel special or happy I leave. Well I had to put my cat down and ended up talking to him and he wanted to see me and was going to bring me breakfast and whatever. But he called (8am) and said he wasn't feeling great and just needed an hr of sleep then he'd bring me lunch. Well at 3pm and I got a message saying he was going to the hospital and that was it. This morning got a message saying he has the flu.

So I don't know if I should just walk away. If I should give him time. If he has interest in me at all. Why would you go after someone when your a mess then bugger off because it's a mess?


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  • just give it time.