There are many factors on why a guy can't get a date, but why does these 2 factors always get left out? Is it because its "negative" sounding even?

Though its the truth? When someone asks why a vast amount of guys can't get a date, people will say things like awkardness, no confidence, etc , blah blah, but these factors always get left out...

1. Guy's sad over validation of females. Its a shame... I was out last night with some friends and they had some of their other friends with them and they were so thristy trying to talk to women it was sad... I've witnessed this so many times all over the USA in my life, its funny. I've seen it at work, out and about, at bars, social events etc. and its just not women who would be considered 10's 9's 8's 7's 6's or 5's. Guys when a woman has boat load of dating options, her standards go up and up even if those who fit those standards just want sex which is fine with her sometimes because a lot of (not all) women will settle for a friends with benefits relationship if they can't get a emotional relationship (which is better than nothing believe or not ladies )

2. Most in demand guys leave the dating pool thin for the rest of guys. Women for the most part are attracted to the same kinds of men when comes down to physical attractiveness and/or status and money, since the percentage of men that are most in demand is extremely, chronically small, that makes opportunites chronically scarce for the rest of male population that isn't lucky enough to be genetically and/or finanically blessed. Most (but not all) of the high in demand guys realize this and take advantage of their good fortune and become players and why not? Its not their fault they are in high demand. A guy in high demand has the option of having sex with a lesser attractive woman while waiting for the very attractive woman to come around. Now women love that a guy has a life, but women should also know that if a guy has a "life" 9 and a 1/2 times out of 10, that means he has another/other chick/s on standby until the woman comes around. Almost all of the guys that most women would think has a" life"usually has a chick or chicks to tide him over.


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  • i agree with you.


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  • This is why I don't date.


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