Which group/s of guys do women have a preference for the most? Which group of guys do women exclusively date the most? Which group/s of guys women?

Are extremely quick to say and go out their way to say they don't date the most? Which group/s of guys are despised the by women of all races the most when it comes to interracial dating preferences and which group/s of guys are women of all races quick to stereotype collectively instead of judging on say, a case by case?

Also state why you think (most, not all) women have the most /least preference for that group/s and which group/s that most women of all races go out their way to say they don't date and which group that women of all races go out their way to date the most?

  • Asian guys
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  • Hispanic guys
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  • White guys
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  • Middle Eastern guys
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  • Indian Guys
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  • Black guys
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  • Other races
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Guess this question is too much for the majority of gag lol.
This question must be too much for females lol.


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  • I have no preference based on race, ethnicity, or religion. Other preferences still apply.


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  • Case studies have shown that White men are the most desired while Black and Asian men are on the short end of the stick. Correlates with my observations, as well.

  • Aw man this question AGAIN?

    • This is my first question like this. What's wrong with the question?

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    • It is getting quite annoying. I think this is the 3rd within 24 hours. I have been copying and pasting my opinion for a while now.

    • Then don't answer then lames. No one made you lames answer.

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