Serious answers Guys preferably: is he friend zoning me or he wants to Start Over?

My ex all of a sudden reached out to me and apologized, he gave me a reason as to why he feels bad. In the end of our conversation he tells me that he doesn't want bad blood between us, to move past our bad experience, and to do things slowly and start as friends. He then asked if I am willing to meet down the road. when he ended the convo he was like "I'm glad I got to talk to you and got things out of my chest."

Guy translation, anyone?


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  • Bad blood : no enemies of revenge sort of thing... so pretty much he is starting over... but tbh you and I can't judge or guess what he is trying to do...
    You will have to find it out, so go meet him and ask why should you two be together..( I don't know the reason why you two brokeup) but if you are willing to forgive him, go ahead and accept his apology..

    • Exactly that is what I wanna know. Why does he want to be friends

    • you will have to figure that out... Go meet him like he wanted and observe his reactions... You now... if he is trying to be honest and to build what you lost or to take revenge or something... Unless you can read his mind, it will be easy xD

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  • I think he is just a good person. He just wants to finish it on friendly terms