What should my next move be?

So I've known my crush since we were kids but I hadn't thought of him more than a friend until recently, we both talk constantly and tease each other and its pretty obvious to everyone that we like each other but he hasn't told me directly how he feels and I don't wanna be the one to say anything , what should i do?


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  • Drop him a hint/ ask him what he thinks about you/ who you are to him


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  • The hardest part is, the entire life-long friendship could be at risk :O

    Why do you say he likes you as more than an awesome friend?

    • And I don't wanna ruin our friendship but I feel we could be something amazing

      Yes I'd say so because when were with friends and we all go out he always makes it so that just him and I stay talking , and he's not big on dancing but at partys I'll ask him to dance and he will say yes and tell Me its just because I asked

    • Those are good sigñs! If you guys are sitting together, do you cuddle at all? Are you guys touchy with each other?
      Maybe you'll have to be the one to say something. If you don't, maybe you'll never know.

  • Give him hints. :)

    • Smile wink and talk and drop hints while talking... Help him on something.. . Too helpful u can try to be... Many things to do... Share with him something he likes very much...

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