Girls, When Do I Ask What You Like When It Comes To Sex?

Every girl is different right and they all like different things when it comes to sex.
Let's say I've been on three dates with a girl and were planning on doing it.
When do I ask what she likes?
During sex
Just before
While we're making out
Or while we're just talking?


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  • i would ask before... that way you dont make it awkward..
    maybe ask what she likes before sex when you're not about to have sex.
    like have a conversation about it. you'll probably end up doing it anyway, but at least you'll know what she likes before and not have to have an awkward talk in the middle of it.


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  • If she's shy, just do what you know what most girls like and ask her if she likes it, (do you like that? Am I going too fast? Would you like it if I xxx? Etc) if she's more confident you can flirt with her and mean while ask her say if she likes to take it slow or quick and rough or if she likes fingers.

    Really depends on her personality, but mostly do your research, and don't paint the fence and you'll be fine. body language is not add hard to read, as you'd think

  • During sex or maybe right before

    • How would that conversation go? Do I just say "what do you like, gurl?" In a srxy voice? Or just straight up ask?