Would this make sense?

So a guy and a married girl at work we e thought have had a thing for each other for a long time. Maybe even an affair. So she just had a baby and it's been rumored that she's leaving the company. He's been working in a different area for like the past year. He text all of us guys saying "I just ran into her and it sounds like there's no way she's coming back!"

i asked him where he saw her and it was a cake bake shop and he said she was with her 6 week old baby. Then later I emailed him asking about her again and maybe a bit prying and this time he says "yea her and her husband looked like they hadn't slept in weeks " I say oh he was there too and he didn't respond back.

do you think this is plausible? Would be text us that he saw her if they were seeing each other? Would she take her baby like that?


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  • This was asked before and I answered the same that you never really know

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