How harmful is second hand smoke?

I've been with my boyfriend for over a year. Everyday he smokes 2 packs of cigarettes and he smokes in front of me I inhale it all. My dad never smoke because he doesn't want his kids to be affected but my boyfriend just won't stop no matter what I say. He has asthma and lung problems but won't stop! Like IS HE STUPID? Whenever he smokes I have runny eyes and noses. Lately I have trouble breathing. Before we were together I'm very healthy and young I'm 18. After a year I have so many breathing problems and runny noses. Every year 3000 people in the US die from second hand smoke he just won't stop or at least go far away to smoke what can I do now?


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  • Well, my Uncle stopped smoking in 1998 but he inhaled his Wife's
    second hand smoking the year Summer of 2013 found out he had
    Esophagus cancer and he passed away Feb 2014 6 months -8 months
    after being diagnosed.. My dad used to smoke when i was a young kid
    and i would get sick all the time he would light up them Pall Malls and
    he did not think of anything about it.. I've been exposed to my cousins
    second hand smoking since 2004 and i smoked but went cold turkey
    in Dec 2012 i really want live but i feel her second smoking could kill me
    but it happens these people don't realize the risk and don't care what
    they do to our health all i can say is i wish you well..

    • I'm so sorry hearing about your situation, but if I were you I would seek help to help you stop smoking because it can kill you. Stay safe.

    • I dd stop smoking i quote " i smoked but went cold turkey
      in Dec 2012 "

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  • Does he at least go outside to smoke? or does he smoke inside the house?

    • Inside. And when I told him to go outside, he got mad at me and step very loudly outside the deck, open the door, and smokes as if smokes can't get inside the home :/

    • Well he is being unreasonable then. Pretty much no smoker I know these days smokes inside their house. He should at least have the decency to go outside and shut the door behind him so smoke does not get into the house. Does he know it is affecting your health?

    • I think he just does not like to be told what to do. Maybe he feels you are judging him for his smoking who knows but he does not have the right to expose you to all his smoke. The fact that it is actually starting to affect your own personal health means something has to change. If he is not prepared to compromise you may have to leave him.

  • I've seen enough smoking ads to know that second hand smoke kills.

    • the experiments used to prove that animals in locked plexiglass containers with smoke piped in. It is not harmful in normal situations. It is all anti-smoking dogma.

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    • Second hand smoke does little harm.

    • The American Heart Association: "No actual cancer risk has been measured at this time"
      Journal of the National Cancer Institute "A large-scale study found no clear link between secondhand smoke and lung cancer, undercutting the premise of years of litigation including a Florida case that yielded a $350 million settlement."

  • 2 packs of cigarettes? He is gonna die or cancer soon.. I tell you that... and you should not inhale that smoke.. It's dangerous for you too...

  • It's even worse than smoking. Because you don't have a filter.

    If he insists on doing that to you, I would honestly leave him.

    Do you really want to be with a guy who doesn't care that he's giving you cancer?

  • this woman also had a boyfriend who smoked and this is what it did to her.


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  • Second-hand smoke is worse for you than first-hand smoke. This is because if you're actually smoking, most of the smoke doesn't go into your actual lungs, which is the opposite with second-hand smoke. All the same risks, from damaged blood vessels, as well as increased risk for cancer, stroke, heart disease later down the line are included if you inhale second-hand smoke.

    Your boyfriend is incredibly selfish for putting your health at risk in such a way. Especially if you have children, who are even more susceptible to the health risks associated with second-hand smoke, give you boyfriend an ultimatum. He either ideally quit smoking altogether, or smoke somewhere else, or it's over.

    • My boyfriend said I'm just overexaggerating stuff and that HIS smoking can only damage his health if any and not MY health since I don't smoke and second hand smoke is an imaginary, bullshit thing. I showed him researches and everything he said "Those newspaper men just wanna make money don't be stupid and selfish". He said he's so stressful (for apparantly no reason) and if he doesn't smoke he'll die from stress instead of lung cancers...

    • He sounds like bad news, tbqh. As for him needing to smoke because he's so stressed, and if he doesn't he'll die from said stress, that's quite an ironic twist eh?
      Doesn't smoke, dies from stress. Continues smoking, dies from cancer/stroke/heart disease, etc..

      That's his choice in the end, but your own to keep yourself safe from higher risk of things like that.

  • Second hand smoking is just really bad. I have no idea how bad, but it can't be good. Plus it stinks so badly and whatever you do, you'll always smell like smoke.
    Your boyfriend sounds like a selfish prick. You should consider breaking up with him if he doesn't stop.

  • Get him to compromise and have him smoke outside. He shouldn't subject you to his filthy habit.

    • He said he will but even though I force him to smoke outside he stands on our deck with the door OPEN and smoke as if it helps much :/ I can always smell his smoke he just say "Don't overexagerrate it's not harmful at all. Your lungs are not damaged from my smoke are u stupid?" thats what he told me..

  • Second hand smoke is NOT harmful. No matter what the rabid anti-smoking crowd tells you, second hand smoke is in too low a concentration to hurt you. CAR EXHAUST IS MUCH MORE DAMAGING. SO IS STRESS.

    • Of course car exhaust is more damaging. You literally die within minutes from it. That's how a lot of people commit suicide...

    • That is BS.