First impresssions?

So I'm rather carious on people's first impression of me. --I'm Not someone that's fully aware of my surroundings and I'm still not. but sometimes I get rather carious on what and how people would label me ... .. (hopefully the link works --but that's me) Girls how would you label me? and guys how would you label me? --


Yeah I know I'm an Asian girl --but --like you know how when you look at some people you automatically assume that oh "she's preppy" or oh she's like "smart" or oh "she's a hippy" etc etc... I'm wondering what "stereotypical like category or like group
I fall under ... .. I mean I shop at Macy's forever 21 but I manly shop at American Eagle ... but aside from that I get pieces of clothes from like other little stores like Dellias and sometimes wet seal and old navy ..etc..
lol -- I found most and some of these comments true and some well I just got a good laugh -- but Don't worry I'm not offended in any way (if you were worry about offending me ) But I got a good smile at some of these answers and I really appreciated
to all those that left their voice on this post :)
I'm assuming that most that commented are not Asian -- I wonder how an Asain would label me... ---


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  • Because you're wearing white, have your hair pulled back, and have I clear face - well, that spells "clean" and makes me think you take care of yourself. You're make up's not over the top, and based on brand - you're a casual flirt? Out there, but not focused ONLY on the dating scene. You're not dressed flashy, but have style. You have the camera strap around your wrist ( I wrong?) so you probably respect things and value things in a long-term status. YET by looking at the picture on your wall, you like to have fun. Your earrings are teenager-style... In all, I guess you're like the type of person that, as a girl myself, I would consider a potential friend.

    ...But obviously, this is first-glance (plus insight) basis. EVERYTHING could change depending on how you act, what you're doing, and your expression. ^^ I know I didn't really answer your "lable" question, but I don't look at people like that... you are you, and if you like the same range of things as your friends, and like the style of a certain place... that's fine! :) Hope this was interesting anyway!


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  • My first impression about you is:

    - You are more attentive to physical appearance than personality (you were focusing on the camera screen rather than trying to smile and look approachable)

    - By using both hands to hold the camera, you take great care into "attention to detail"; meaning you are very task oriented.

    - You have been hurt a lot in previous relationships, which tends to cloud your view on future relationships as successful and fulfilling, so you don't want to apply much effort (in the lack of personality presented in the photo)

    - Your parents are very strict and controlling; this is shown in your attentive posture, which is clouded by your relationship with friends. You seem to be rebellious towards your parents.

    This are just average views about your personality, so obviously they may be incorrect; however, these are simple opinions I have made on your personality.

    Hopefully it helps,


    P.s. Labels are over-rated, each person has something different to offer; however, sometimes they are helpful when individuals try to identify someone that is "a stalker" or a "pedophile" etc.

  • Assuming we're going with stereotypes, based on where you shop you'd be labelled a prep. Based on the pic, I'd say you're on the slightly more upscale end of normal, meaning you don't really fall into any category. When you get a little bit older you'll realize how pointless it is to even bother with those labels though.

  • Labels are useless.

  • id say you seem a little preppy, you get pretty good grades in school, a little uptight and you probably love hiphop music...

  • First Impression-Asian

    Second Impression-Girl

    Third impression-Asian Girl


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  • labels are dumb and any time I find myself doing it to people, I discard the label immediately. I know there is a logic and a purpose in categorizing people... I don't think society can function without labels; however, I choose to function without them as much as possible (except when walking home alone at night... I trust instinct over logic in that situation).

    If you want the labels that I will throw away - here they are:

    Obviously people are going to label you as Asian. What they mean by that is you probably have really strict parents who are fine with *certain* friends coming to your house, but they would rather not have you leave the house unless it is for academic purposes. You are likely intelligent and things like sports and academics come to you easy... you are coordinated. That is the Asian stereotype for the most part.

    My second impression is athletic - you are not the "petite type" Asian girl. But then that could just be the grainy picture and the position you are in with the camera. You look like you have stronger arms (gymnast? Martial Arts? Perhaps another sport entirely...).

    As some one else said - you look like you could be uppity or just spoiled. Some one who wants things to go there way. I think it is dumb to determine that by looks, but I think it happens when people have faces that naturally fall into certain expressions. Not every one's relaxed face is neutral. I had a roommate whose lips were always slightly puckered so she looked some what pouty, and her eyes slanted in a way that always made her look upset with you... If you were smiling in the picture I'm sure you wouldn't get responses such as uppity :)

    As some one else said, clean - all of the white in the room and in the clothes you are wearing, plus the clothes on their hangers and the one book on the shelf all lend one towards that label. The layered bangs makes me think you care about your looks as well.

    You obviously have at least one best friend *see picture behind you* who is either Caucasian or Asian with blond hair. If it is the first then you are obviously at odds with your parents some over this if you are a stereotypical Asian. They think you should hang out more with other Asians and hold onto your heritage, while you are fine immersing yourself in another culture.

    You probably like anime to a certain extent and if not anime then video games and if you don't it is because you are trying to break away from the stereotypes placed upon you, which also says something about you. You want people to get to know you for who you are and not who they think you are.

    That's about it from that single picture. Time to go throw those labels away - for now you are just a GaG user who happened to ask a question that I happened to answer :)

  • "really pretty Asian girl"? lol (not racist)

    I think you're super pretty but it's hard to label someone withouth knowing their personality, those things go hand in hand... don't worry what others think, just love you!

    • THANK U. ..maybe I think too much? but sometimes don't you wonder how others view u? and what sort of impression or vibe you give off?

    • You're welcome. I think everyone thinks too much ;) I know what you mean, but a vibe is hard to pick up when you can't be with a person physically. For me anyways... :S

    • Eh that's true you have a good pt. :)

  • Ya, you look really serious. (:

  • you have natural beauty .

    not many girls have that !

    Be happy cause you're gorgeous :)

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