If I asked a girl to come over and cuddle, and she says yes in an enthusiastic way, is this a good sign?

Do girls do this with guys they only want as friends? Guys they want as boyfriends? Hook ups? Also when a guy asks you this, what are your thoughts?



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  • Well, I cuddle with friends. I also cuddle with guys I like. If it's with a friend. I will still cuddle any time. I love to cuddle. If they ask me to come over and cuddle, then I will gladly do so, haha. I've been looking for a cuddle buddy. When I want to cuddle with someone, that's ALL I want to do. Just cuddle. I'm not looking to hook-up or netflix and chill or anything. I just want to cuddle. That's just me tho...

  • I do cuddle with friends but not on schedule. Its like on the moment when I or they feel like it.
    Coming over just to cuddle there's more to it.
    unless you answer yes in a jokey kinda way like if you're best friends. Like yes I wanna cuddle with you cause you're my friend and you want a big hug and I miss you but i'm not coming over

    • Well I asked her yesterday if she wanted to watch a movie and cuddle and she said yes

  • I don't cuddle with my friends lol. I only like cuddling with guys I like. And it means more than a hook up to me.


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  • No bro if she's coming over to cuddle with you, she wants too hook up! If she was a friend then chances are she might've rejected your offer but she probably likes you so I would say get ready to see some action when she comes over 😉

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