I made my girlfriend mad/did something for the first time, would a apology be enough you think?

I said i would take her out last and she got ready, but thens something came up (not that big though) and just as i was about to text her "coming to pick you", i texted her "hey sorry but i can't take you out tonight". She was mad cause apprently it took her 30 minutes to get ready, it takes me about 5 only. So i told her sorry then after said bye and closed the phone. Was it a big deal i kinda put her second and did it last minute? Should i do more than apologize?


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  • You should make up for it by taking her out somewhere but one up the date that you didn't go on. Pay for her, order wine, go somewhere fancier, whatever, just show her that you're sorry and that you want to make up for it. Do something nice for her, apologise, show you understand why she was upset (it is pretty rude to just ditch on plans, especially when she's already ready and waiting for you) and just try to make her enjoy the night :)

    • i have a place in mind where i can take her. i always pay for everything, even though sometimes she wants too but i will make sure i take her out somewhere good.

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  • She don't need second apologize, she need an action to make sure you are really sorry to her.

    • take her out very soon, would that be good?

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    • Good luck!

    • thanks

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