Is it bad that I'm jealous of my boyfriend's guy friend who moved in with him?

Recently, my boyfriend's friend got "kicked" out of his house so is therefore living with my boyfriend. He still lives with his parents so his friend is living in his room. I've become so close to his family that they treat me as their own. I would always go over and I had clothes, earrings, shoes, etc. Now when I go over, it's super awkward because I don't like his friend. His friend is fake and a cheater and liar. We don't get any privacy and his friend always seems to try and make me seem like the bad person. Also, the other day, he hid my sandals under the couch and I had to go home barefoot because they were no where to be found. Is it bad that I'm jealous or get mad because he lives there? He takes advantage of my boyfriend and he is slowly replacing me.. Am I over exaggerating? I don't know what to do.

And also, today when I went over, his friend took over half of the closet and threw out my clothes. His mom was very upset and doesn't seem to trust him either. I don't know what to do..


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  • No you are not exaggerating. It's okay. It's really bad this is going on with you. I can understand and why do you think you are jealous of him? You are not jealous you are angry with you boyfriend friend, its very clear from your post. Have you tried speaking to your boyfriend about this? or is your completely ignorant to all this?

    • I've tried telling my boyfriend, but I don't want to start anything. I just suggest we hangout somewhere besides his house or ask if he could come over to my house instead, but he gets butthurt and starts to ask me and I just don't say anything.. Although, the other day I told him indirectly that his friend had his my sandals, and he just didn't say anything..

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  • Yeah, I feel like you are being rude. This friend clear is going through something and all you're thinking about is yourself that's not right.

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