Do guys like being kissed on the neck?

We were making out, and I didn't know if I should kiss his neck or not. I really wanted to though! So do guys like it or not?


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  • i can tell u that they do like it.


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  • No. I usually swell up and get warts all over my face... Lol

    Seriously though, it's totally fine. I actually like it a lot (getting kissed on the neck).
    Rule of thumb is try is slowly, once, and if they get a little "eh" from it, then that's an indication that they didn't like it. If it's something that you think might be a little bit awkward or they might not like it or it's something you think is weird (like holding onto him under his shirt or something like that) then you can always ask if you're really worried about it. Don't ever be afraid to ask. If you're afraid to ask your guy because you think he'll get upset, don't stay with him and find a guy that won't get upset. Otherwise, you'll have to worry about it for the rest of your life. Being able to communicate with your guy is extremely important.

  • Not all guys do. I don't really

  • I do and kisses on any part of body is pleasurable. :*


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