Do girls ever get too busy?

Has there been a time when you simply couldn't go out with a guy because you were busy. Would you cancel plans with friends to go out with him?


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  • No sorry I don't cancel plans with friends to see a guy... And we can be busy.. With school/work.

    If I have plans though, I always try to reschedule. I know sometimes it took a lot for the guy to ask you out so I make sure that I reschedule.

    • So if she didn't say anything about rescheduling would that mean not interested? Also thanks for the opinion

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    • OH SNAP I SUCK. Just try asking a week in advance, she seems genuinely busy and is interested in you. Usually, people wth two jobs get really tired and all moody, but she comes and help you? wow :)

    • Thanks for MHO 😘 Good luck!

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  • i wouldn't cancel on my friends for a guy i just met. but yes there are times where people get really busy.

  • Of course I've been too busy. I have a job and a life. No I wouldn't cancel plans with my friends.


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