Knowing When Your Being Blown Off?

New to this site so this is my first question. Not really sure how to ask without going into a very long story. We have hung out a few times off and on since April. Since mid April he has managed to forget us going out for a drink but managed to text me a few days later... oh sorry I forgot but didn't know how to say I forgot. The next time we were suppose to watch a movie he texts me around 730 in the evening don't get to answer him until 820 no response answers me the next day at 1130 in the morning... oh sorry fell asleep about 20 minutes after I texted you.
Next time asks me when I'm free tell him I'm free Friday evening... this was Wednesday. Said he would text me and we could meet up... don't hear from him until Saturday at 830... I already had plans.
This past weekend we hang out for a few drinks says he wants to see me again asks when I'm free again... told him I was free Sunday... told him I would text him in the afternoon, I did no response not until 930 that evening oh sorry... been cleaning my house hasn't been done in awhile... like 5-1/2 hours... kind of tired of his hot and cold attitude or am I not being fair?
We are all busy, I am too have my own business so does he... any suggestions?


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  • Sorry, but yes you are being blown off. I have my own kids that stay with me - who have a lot of extracurricular activities, and I have a full time job on salary (so 50 hours a week not 40:) (in other words I'm really busy). And I think I could find 10 seconds to reply to a text - or answer a call, from a woman I was interested in being with - whether I was busy or not.


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  • He seems to have to have problems committing to things

  • Is this your husband?


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