He is divorced should I pursue?

I am 25 and starting medical school soon. And I started dating this guy who is in the militay who is 33 and is divorced with one child. I am sort of worried on whether to let this go b/c of my friends opionions about divorced men being unavaliable. Should I avoid him and move on to someone else with less baggage.

Oh I forgot to mention that I have no children and never had a boyfriend due to my focus on school. But he has had a big past. not sure if that is a factor. He is really nice and respectful.


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  • HAHAHA, soon that will be you


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  • No! It's not your friends answer to this, As you said "My Friends Opinion"


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  • Word of advice don't always do things based on the advice of others. If they have no actual experience and are just going off stereotypes definitely don't listen. He could be a really good guy for all you know. You should at least give him a try before you just kick him to the curb.