I just don't have a courage to ask... what to do?

I have been seeing this guy for a while and the other night I asked him to come over because I had something I wanted to talk to him about and he did. I just wanted to tell him that I like him but I am a very shy person and of course I got myself very nervous thinking about telling him how I feel about him. So I had a drink to calm myself down. But it did not work... We were sitting on a couch holding each other and he asked me what did you want to talk about? whats on your mind? I got quiet and suddently I started to cry. I just could not hold it for some reason. He kept telling me its ok I am here and I asked him does it bother you if I like you? He said no it does not bother me. Then I asked him again is it ok that I like you? He said yes. But he did not say anything after and I could not ask him if he likes me or not. We were just holding each other for a while. And we went out again last week and we hung out for a while and he said he has to get going because he got other stuff to do. And I said No. I dont want you to go... He said you dont want me to go? So again I said no. Then he smiled and said ok. He stayed for a while. We kissed goodbye and he kept giggling... I dont know why. I do know he does not hate me and I still can't ask him if he likes me. I know I just need to ask but I dont know what to do. Sorry if that does not make any sense. Would you tell a girl you dont like her if you dont like her after she asked if its ok she likes you? He is a very sweet person so he just does not want to say it and hurt me...


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  • His actions are speaking far louder than his words!!! Communicate with him in a sexual way. He has feelings for you😊

    • Thank you for your advise :) I do hope he does have feelings for me. I got a text from him last night asked me if we can meet up this weekend and said he needs to talk to me. So now I am freaking out...

    • That's so cool. Please keep me posted

      by the way thank you for MHO hun

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