Why do girls ignore my attempts to setup a date, but then keep talking?

This seems like a fairly common theme now. Definitely not the first time this has happened. Basically what happens is i'll be texting the girl and she will agree to go on a date, but then when I try working out the details, this is where I get frustrated. A lot of times i'll message the girl to setup a time for the date, and then she won't repsond until like the next day and she be like sorry I fell asleep, bla bla bla and then not mention anything about if that time works for her and then I feel like i'm being all desperate for always having to ask. Ok does this work for you, how bout this. etc. You know what I mean? Why does this happen? Why do women have so many excuses, problems etc. Are they playing hard to get?


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  • Well if they are making excuses or coming up with things like that indicates they are telling you indirectly they are not interested but don't want to be hurtful towards you.

  • Maybe they like the talk

    • I think a lot of girls have so many insecurity issues, which causes this to happen.

  • Do they have a boyfriend?

    • Well I meet these girls on dating sites and such, so I would hope not.