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My best friend 's girl friend is the girl of my dream's... should I stop seeing them... ? Dont think I'm taking it too seriously :/ ... I've always been there when she needed me so I really care for her and vice versa It's just that I've been studying real hard for for the last two year's as it decided my future and i'm completely free now... and it jus hurt's so much it makes me wanna vomit every time I see them and wallow in self pity song's all night... She's the one... always made things right... :/ :'(



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  • Ohh I have been in this situation. You could tell them that you lied, and it hurts you to see them together, and ask that they keep romantic things to a minimal if they are near you. In that way, if they care about you as a friend then they will back off and be understanding of your feelings. You could even tell them that you don't really have a problem with them dating, you understand that you've lost out on your dream girl, but that it really hurts you. Or, you could just try breaking off contact with them. If you have been friends with them for 8 years though, thats going to be tough and you might hurt worse afterwards.

    • Even If I told them... They would back off but to what extent? I'm still going to see them together when they go to a hotel that I accidently went to or a upload A pic on Facebook... I mean I'm kinda asking them to basically not be themselves right...

    • I guess in some ways you would be asking them not to be their selves, but its damage control.

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  • You'll get over it.

    • It's been a year and a half and nothing has changed...

  • Is your friend a good boyfriend and treats her good


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  • Ohh goshh dude that is real sad... but she is his girlfriend... just move on.. She sees you as a friend only...
    So move on!!

    • @singlebee.. I see them every day man... Every time I get over it... one of them come's to me and say's something like..."We kissed" or "He said he loved me" and it just come's back... </3

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    • @Opinion Ownner. They would never do that... you gotta understand... They'r really good people and close friends It's just that they are really in love :/

    • @ Single bee... She used to be my ex so I dont think I'm exactly friendzoned...

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