Dating the weird guy?

Recently, I have been talking with a boy at my high school. He is very kind and polite to both adults and students, he goes out of his way to make me laugh and to impress me, and he is a bit attractive. We have grown pretty close and he has expressed his attraction for me. A couple weeks ago, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes. I had never dated anyone in my life, so I guess I just said yes to see what dating was like. He's a nice guy. I wanted to give him a chance.

The problem with this, though, is he is considered one of the "weird" guys at my school. People generally don't say nice things about him and label him an outcast and "weirdo," I suppose. When he walks with me in the hallways and sits by me, I feel a bit uneasy. I asked him to keep our relationship secret because of my unease! I do not want to be made fun of for dating a "loser." The students in my grade are very judgmental and will pick on you.

Another reason I am unsure about this relationship is my friends do not like him. Before we started dating, he would follow me and always ask people where I was, what I was doing, if I was busy, etc. and I assume they got the impression that he was a stalker/creepy person that was obsessed with me. Therefore, they have a negative opinion about him and often make fun and joke about him when I'm around. They say things like "He's obsessed with you. That's kind of creepy" and "He is so annoying." If they found out about our relationship, I would surely be bugged about it FOREVER.

I know I sound selfish, but it is true! I feel like I don't want to be seen as his girlfriend because of his social position. I hate myself for being that way, but it is true. I do like him and wish it wouldn't be this way. How do I deal with dating the weird kid?


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  • Watch The Breakfast Club sometime, if you haven't. It deals with just what you're talking about. Short answer, kids can be brutal. It's no different now than when I was in school. I simply didn't care. I did what I wanted to do, dated who I wanted to (sometimes popular people, sometimes not). If I caught any flack for it, I settled it quickly and firmly. People learn not to mess with you when you stand up for your views. They may not like you, and say mean things, but they won't mess with you.


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  • just leave him then.

    • Sigh. I knew someone would say this, and it does seem like the most simple (and obvious) solution -- but I do like him, I find him attractive and such, I am just afraid of everyone's opinion about us.

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  • Keep it a secret to the best of your ability, and if people figure it out, then embrace it (not much else you can do at that point). I mean really, if he is a legitimately nice guy and doesn't show any red flags (like threatens you with slitting your throat if you dare break up or something). If he really isn't so bad and he's actually kinda attractive, then would you give it up just because your temporary surroundings are asshats?


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