Paying for dates?

I've been on three dates with a guy. The first he took turns paying for rounds, the second I got the food he got the beer and on the third I paid for dinner and he did not put up a fight.

He he asked me on all 3 dates. Typically men pay on the first but I don't mind splitting and I don't mind taking turns paying. I make good money but he makes considerably more.

I mi set up the plans for our fourth date and bought the tickets we are also going to dinner. Typically if I ask I don't let my date pay but since I picked up dinner last time I think I'm going to wait to see if he goes to pay and if so let him.

If not I'll pay but I'm not going to lie it will bother me a bit. Men I know you guys are probably laughing reading this because you go through it all the time. I've dated guys that make very little money and in those cases I get it and I don't let them ever pay for anything too expensive. I guess it just bothers me because it kind of comes off as selfish or him undervaluing me when I know he can pay.

It wasn't a crazy expensive meal and He knows I have a good job so maybe I'm overreacting. Any thoughts guys and gals?


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  • well just don't create any patterns you don't want, if something is about to happen that you don't like, like you paying for the next meal then ask him if you both can split.


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  • Call me old fashioned, but if i ask someone out on a date, I'm paying for it and I know that going into it. If you suggest the date, and offer to pay part and/or all of it, I'd be ok with that. Yes I have a good job and make excellent money.

    • Yeah that's the way I like to roll but on the first few dates it's polite for the woman to offer.

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