Isn't this guy a living example that looks doesn't matter when it comes to dating girls?

Isn't this guy a living example that looks doesn't matter when it comes to dating girls?

I mean he used to look great. But now not so much with his bushy beard, paunch and receeding hairline.
Here's another guy who can be used as an example


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  • The second guy may be old but i am sure his bank account makes up for his looks!

    • okay in case of second guy you may be right. But I think every girl who dates leo knows that he wouldn't marry them so they know they won't be getting anything from him. Also he has dated some models who are doing pretty well in money department.

    • He is good looking even with that bushy beard and that manbun!
      Besides a lot of those models profit from being around such a high profile celebrity. Not everybody might have heard the name Gisele Bundchen but everybody knows who leonardo Dicaprio is.

    • okay you might still find him good looking, but I've heard many girls who say that he's transformed. Your second point is right it is the value/power that a man has that really matters isn't it?

  • Do. Not. Ever. Ever. Say. That. Leo. Is. Ugly.

    • I don't say that women do

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    • just check out comments on any gossip site... lot of women are not happy with him getting old.

    • He just needs to shave and get a haircut.. other than that, he still looks good to me

  • Yeah. But each has money, power, and a celebrity status.

    Plus Leonardo can clean up well.

    • haha yeah but that is exactly my point money, power and celebrity status does not include looks

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    • Agreed although I accept that money can be a factor but I've also seen filthy rich guys who are total dorks in attracting women. I always believe that you need to have certain personality traits other than fame, money, looks and power to do well with women. When you have fame, money and power people just assume that you have these personality traits which may or may not be true.

    • I think this is true as well. Some people have no morals and wouldn't care if they couldn't stand the other person, as long as there was money involved. But personality is a factor even if money is too.

  • Dude, those are famous-ass people, they have heaps of money too

    • yes so in other words ugly guys with money and fame can get women right?

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    • I believe just being famous and rich is not enough. You need certain personality traits to be successful in dating. Now Leo even before he was super rich and famous was dating models. So he got to have something other than looks, fame and money which makes him so good with women

    • exactllyy. So yeah I guess looks don't matter, and plus, he was really good looking when he was younger..

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  • Money matters.

  • They're gold diggers. Duh

    • Not if they know that he's never going to marry them. Also many of them earn pretty well themselves as models so. at least Gisele did. Also I didn't say that money doesn't matter.