How to tell her I al not interested?

I had a blind date with a girl. We went on two dates then messed around. Had sex at my place later. She invited me over one night saying she's home alone but I'm not interested.

When we've gone on dates she never acted that interested. She's never paid, offered, or said thank you. She's nice, but that's it.

I feel like it was a mistake to have sex with her. She's friends with some of my other friends that are girls and circle of friends.

Anyways she texted me saying she doesn't know what to do, she thought we were having a good time.

I am also having some problems in my personal life, so don't need girl drama right now.


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  • Don't leave her hanging wondering. That's got to be a horrible feeling. Wondering if she said or did something wrong. y'all made it complicated by having sex, if you weren't really into her than you probably should have avoided that.

    But you can't change that so I would say just tell her. You have mutual friends so you don't want it to be awkward. Just tell her you didn't mean to lead her on, but that you're not in a place in your life where you want a relationship right now. Or maybe that you don't see any chemistry with you two. Just be respectful, say your piece and let that be that. If she gets angry or upset at least you were honest and didn't continue to see her when you you knew you were no longer interested. She'll eventually come around and understand.

    • That's the best thing? Should I mention some personal things going on?

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  • Just gently tell her that you went on the blind date to see if you we're ready and it turns out you're not. Explain to her that you don't regret having sex with her (you'll just hurt her feelings if you say it was a mistake because she'll think she did something wrong) but that doing is so early was a mistake because you should have figured out what you wanted before getting physical with her or whatever. Just tell her that you aren't ready for it in your life.

    • Nicely.

    • should I say anything about not being ready due to personal reasons?

    • Yes, you should. Honestly, as a girl and having kinda been in that situation we feel its bullshit just because we automatically think you're just saying it and its really because of us. But I think if you telling her truthfully that because of the personal things going on in your life you wanted to be a gentleman and actually tell her before you both got into something you both we're ready for. Just make it sound as real and genuine as possible.

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