Please answer.. How do you make her commit?

I like this girl but I don't know where I stand, she so distant, I hear from her once or twice a week, most of the time I call her first and she has so many guy friends, there's a different guy around her everyday. I know they want her cause she beautiful, who wouldn't be attracted? I give her space cause I don't want to seem clingy or desperate like those other guys. She always looking at me, expecting me to go up to her like the other guys, but I don't cause I wanna seem different from them. She flirts with everybody, although she told me she loved me and I make her nervous, I don't know if she's saying this to those other guys. She knows how I feel about her, cause I told her, but I don't really act on it.


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  • Rock and a hard place. She may be a natural flirt. Doesn't mean she won't commit to you, but you'll have to make some sacrifices to get there. If that is indeed her personality, you'll have to accept it. You'll always know you got the prize, though.

    • What kind of sacrifices, can you explain?

    • Sorry for the late reply. You caught me right as I was going to bed. You'll have to accept her for who she is; but you will need to talk to her to find out how she feels. If you wait, she may end up with someone else, when she would have gone with you if you'd only asked. That'll hurt worse.

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  • You can't. She has to be willing to. I think you're doing a good job not going up to her and giving in to what she's used to--it sets you apart from the other guys. But there's only so much you can do.

    I suggest that you ask her out on a date--it doesn't sound like you have. If she declines, I would then move on and search for other women, limiting my contact with her. She'll see that you're not interested in playing games (because by the sound of it, she seems like one who would) and may start contacting you to see what's up or even to hang out.

    • What do you mean by there's only so much you can do? Is there other better solutions?

    • Because you CAN'T force someone to commit if they don't want to. You want a better solution: get some balls and directly ask her how she feels about you so that way you can know and continue from there.

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  • I am in a very similar boat myself my good friend, but not with all that guy attention, in my experience she's very towards me flirted, has said i'm attractive and how i view her is amazing well we dated for a while, then separated mostly due to issues on her end and mostly her choice not that she didn't like me or anything we are on good terms, however i know things no one else does that she trusts me with, little things such as her siblings like me when they've not liked any other guy like the little brother and sister instantly clicked with me, her auntie liked me and said i was unique, she even said all this and then some, many many many signs point towards the fact she likes me i actually put up another post with some of it in, but anyway she has shrugged every other guy off because they are too vulgar/childish/only want sex or interested in games when she isn't or her dress sense which is nothing bad and such people jump at her or have in the past bullied her or like most women get pestered in night clubs, yet she always says i cheered her up or you could protect me and is in no way shy around me anymore many issues that she would normally have with new people or others simply don't exist around me yet she says she feels i'm too good for her but has wished things could work out between us because i'm amazing and without been big headed perfect as she says, even said i'm better than her ex and as of late has made sure i'm ok over getting a tattoo and talking to her ex so i myself know your pain, yet i still cannot figure out what is what, i've briefly brought it up but at the time i did a relative passed on her end so i thought it not best but i intend to bring it up, if you have any luck or such it'd be nice to know :)

    Here's my first post I've done about it, maybe some comments on it may help you or shed some light as they did with me to an extent.

    • Thanks for your assistance, I'll be sure to let you know what happens between us