Is it fair girls can ask guys how tall they are, but guys can't ask girls how much they weigh?

Been talking to this girl I met online. All her pictures are like cleavage and up or at weird angles. where it's hard to tell her body. I don't think she's fat but I'm not completely sure what her body looks like. She lives ~30 minutes away. Don't even know if I want to even drive out there without knowing what I'm getting into.

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  • I meant to vote A but hit B instead.

    I don't care if people ask my age, height, weight, even bra size (despite me pretty much hating my boobs and being self conscious about them).
    Other girls are sensitive about that type of stuff though.


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  • They have nothing in common. Your height is base on your genes mainly so there is nothing you can do about it but embrace it and be happy whatever you got from your family.
    However, weight can be worked out most of the times and it's not a permanent trait. Off course if someone eats a lot and then complains about being gaining weight and how they can't do anything about it then that would be pathetic.

    You're comparing apples to oranges.

    • I'm comparing a physical trait that women find important right off the bat to a physical trait that men find important right off the bat

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    • You just said those are the most important things each of them look for right off the bat. I'm telling you I haven't seen too much of what you're saying, at least not within my social group of friends and family.

    • That's a strawman, I didn't say they were THE most important thing, I just said they were important

  • Well asking how tall u r is different than weight. I don't think girls should ask guys how much they weigh either cuz it doesn't matter. U cAn see their build so if u think they are too skinny or fat then there u go. U donf need the exacts. In ur case try asking for a full body pic

    • Sure but isn't asking for a full body pic pretty obviously asking ''you're not fat are you?''

    • No! It just means u want to see every part of that beautiful woman. Compliment her on how beautiful she is and ask to see a full body pic bc u want to get a better sense of what she looks like. If she refuses to send u a full body pic then that means she's hidding shit and u gotta get out lol. If a guy asked me for a full body pic I honestly wouldn't think anything of it

    • What if I already asked just a pic, and she wanted a pic of me first so i took a selfie from the waste up, and she sent some cleavage up shot of her in shades, so I asked for a pic without shades and she just sent me a pic she said she too a week ago which was just a headshot?

  • i dont see anything unfair about this..

  • this doesn't happen.

    • Well it did. She just came out and asked me ''how tall are you'' and I don't care cause i'm 6 foot but I'm just like =/ that I can't just outright ask her ''how much do you weigh?''

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  • Media, our society, has screwed up big time. Asking weight is a personal question, but it shouldn't be inherently offensive. However, we live in a fatphobic society, and this affects a LOT of women, and it can feel like an attack, an accusation, and it can make people feel defensive or insulted. And, if you're asking to get an idea of what she looks like, and you're considering NOT going to meet her, if she IS fat, then honestly, you're contributing to that, part of the reason women often don't feel comfortable talking about their weight.

    • But I'm not really into fat girls. I'm 6 foot and like 180 pounds

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    • I didn't mean they NEVER do, sorry, that was unclear. But you sound like you're an average size, and she's not insanely tall, insanely obese, insanely tiny, or you'd know about it, so in this case they don't matter too much, but of course, your preference is your preference. My previous comment is still what I'd do, but it's completely your decision and I'm not gonna judge.

    • Crisis averted. She wanted to add me on facebook, turns out she's not fat

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    • And I gotta say this is the most lopsided poll I've seen here yet.

  • Height cannot be changed. Weight can be changed by not being a lazy slob. Yes, it's okay to shame a man for his genetics, but telling a woman to work on herself is offensive as hell. But as far as double standards go, this is nothing. Feminism has brought us much worse injustices than this.

  • According to our society it is okay to height shame a guy, but unfair to weight shame a woman. (Both by the way I think are horrible things to do to a person.)

    • It shouldn't be, that's for sure. [okay to do them, i mean. it shouldn't be okay. cx]

      the thing is, even if it's more accepted to do the first, doesn't necessarily mean anyone should do the second to 'even the score'. that's my main view.