Im so confused. Should I bail him out?

I was the one who invited him to hang out (to my shame) and asked him when he is free. He only responded after few days (additional added salt to my wound) and his response looked forced. It was like "hmm maybe next weekend. So busy at the moment"

For sure he is not busy everyday. I think he replied just for the sake of replying.

I suddenly got turned off but a part of me says i want to see him one last time but another part says nevermind

what should i do to this uninterested response?


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  • Depends. Do you like him enough to give him another chance?

    • Its actually not a matter of chance. I was the one who screwed up and maybe now he thinks im desperate. Its 50/50 i want to see him but i dont want to see him also 😞 if you're the guy, will you just force yourself to meet someone you are no longer interested with?

    • Sorry for late reply, you caught me just as I was going to bed. If it was me, I'd probably meet you just out of curiosity. There's an old saying I like - if you don't enter the tiger's cave, you won't catch it's cub. Meaning that you can't do anything without risking something. You could have caught him at a bad time, but if he continues to sound disinterested, I wouldn't pursue it.

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  • yeah you should bail.