I told him I would miss him. Doesn't that communicate that I like him, because I do?

I recently took a job at a school and a guy working in food service immediately caught my eye. It seemed by his body language that he was in to me too. For weeks we awkwardly said hello to each other 'Hi, how are you? I'm fine thanks, you?' But one day I decided that I would stop being the shy girl missing out on a potential partner or even friend and told him about the crazy day I had. He seemed surprised and nervous to take the conversation past 'professional' to 'casusl' but the next day I saw him he asked me how my weekend was and told me about his. We became more comfortable and confident with each other and it was nice.

I asked him was he doing summer camp at the school and he sighed and told me this year was his last year. I tried to act like it didn't bother me and told him how cool that was. But on the inside I was upset. We were just going somewhere and he was leaving. The last day of school I told him good luck and I meant to say he would be missed but it came out 'I'll miss you' so much for playing it cool.

He thanked me for the well wishes but insisted he would be around and would be back to visit. He asked me was I going to be there next year. " you'll be here next year, right?' I told him I would be. The next time I saw him that day I told him if I didn't see him again that day that I wished him luck. And he again insisted he would be back/regular at the school because he lives in the area. And I'll see him.

Neither of us have any guts. I never been the more assertive in the group. My question is:

When someone says they will miss you doesn't that communicate that they like you? I know it can mean they like you as a friend but.. UGH I really thought we would possibly hang this summer :/

I really don't want him to forget about me. I'm trying to move on at least for the sumner. Fall is going to be torture wirh him not there.


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  • No... guys just think woman are being polite sometimes. As for me... you have to tell me upfront I don't read between the line. Some of us guys are just.. dense like that.

    • Well that sucks to know. What if I patted him on the shoulder? Doesn't touch communicate something? I hope it does.

    • no... you literally have to tell him "I really miss you... please call me or text me". I had a girl ones tell me "you should really go to my concert". I didn't go I was 25.. so about two years ago she was young 21 maybe. She was crying and upset with me... because I didn't go. I told her "you said I should.. not that you wanted me to go.."
      She said "when I said you should go it means, I want you to go"... guys can be dense

    • Ugh! Well I'll work on my confidence over the summer then. I wrote him a thank you for being so nice and helpful to me for being new with my contacts but I didn't have the guts to give it to him. I reread it and it seemed like a good idea. I should have gave it to him. Now I'll barely see him. Since he says I will, I'll work on it.

  • I'm sorry you're disappointed but a lot of people can miss people. If you like him then you could miss him, but you could miss him as a friend or just miss his company. We can't know for sure how he took it though.

    • Yeah that's what I'm thinking. I wish I was more clear. But I thought by my body language , etc he knew. :/ if I see him next semester I will be sure to ask him for his contact.

    • It's hard for guys to tell between someone who is flirting, someone who is just being friendly in a flirtatious manner and someone who actually likes them from body language.
      Best of luck, getting his contact sounds like a good idea.

    • Yes I suppose. He flirted with me which makes me think did he not have the guts or was he not that interested. I think he was. He acted nervous around me and was always the first staff member to jump up and get me what I needed. I was never the more outgoing person. This is new.

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  • It doesn't necessarily mean "I like you".
    Don't you have any other way to keep in contact with him?

    • No. I'm new to the school and he left. So unless I ask his coworkers for his contact that is it until he decides to pop up for a visit. I don't think he has a Facebook. I don't know his last name. We just started talking and unless asking him directly I will sound like a stalker otherwise. I think my best bet would be to ask him when he pops up.

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