Have you ever dated/fucked anybody, then found out something about them and forget them?

i met this woman and said she was from India, but then she said her dad is Arab, and I don't like Arabs. and when i see her, i ignore her all the time. is this wrong?


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  • Real stand up guy this one.

    • people have prejudices, duh..

    • People also have opinions.

      Example: I think you're an idiot.

      Ta-dah. Simple.

    • you have asperger's seemingly, you don't get life/humanity..

  • That's screwed up, man

    • why? do you like everybody out there?

    • If I don't like someone it's because of them and who they are, not because of another person. You basically used thick chick and now you're being a jerk to an innocent girl

    • not really, but it seems you don't think people have prejudices... perhaps get it for asperger's...

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