Did she want me to stay the night?

So I'm at this party smoking herb and this hottie introduces herself to me. She's like a 9 at least. Very cool and laid back. So we're all sitting around talking and I mentioned to one of my boys that I'll need a ride back to my car because I have to go home because I have to be at work early and she jumps in and says "I'll take you" and I'm like okay. So we all hang out for about three more hours and at like 1am my buddy's like hey you ready to roll? And she says "no I'll take him" my buddy's like no I'm heading that way and she says "no I'm ok I will take him" and he's like are you sure and she says "yep". So we're in the car she's driving it's awkward because we don't know each other and she offers for me to spend the night. I say no I have to work early so I have to go. She says are you sure. I said yes but thank you. And she dropped me off. Did she want me to stay with her? I had been drinking so maybe she just wanted me to be safe?


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  • she asked... so yes?

  • "she offers for me to spend the night". I think you answered your won question.