How do you know if its your fault for being single?

is it my fault im single?

What are some signs its me and not the guys i meet?


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  • I don't know if you can know for sure, but if it's the same reason over and over again, that should suggest something


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  • Why would you feel that? Off the bat, it seems like you may not have a lot of confidence, since you want to take it as it being your fault. But are you approachable? If a guy came up to you, would you talk to him? Or are you really shy?

    • Because at the end of the day im what those guy have in common.. im not excluding that the reason it didn't work out is because the chemistry wasn't there or something like that... And i have confidence in many aspects in life, expect from when it comes to dating.. I know i look good (and thats the reason im on a date with them in the first place), but a lot of times i worried that the guy im taking to will find another girl more intereting then me. i dont know if im approacable or not... but i do suspect i have a resting bitch face.. in addition i dont go out too much.. If a guy came up to and talked to me i would gladly have a convo with him, so no, i dont concider myself shy

    • I see. And a lot of times, it's something as simple as that. It just didn't "feel right". But if you look good and you're social, I can't see how it'd be your fault. It could be that they assume you're taken and don't want to be rejected. Everybody's different, though.

  • Have you tried asking a guy you like out? A lot of girls wonder why they are still single, but have never actually made a move on a guy. Maybe this is your problem?

    • Last time i asked a guy to hang out was 2-3 months a go i think.. so no i dont really do that.. I dont know a lot of guys at all... i have never had close guy friends... so if did ask a guy out it would be a random and it would be weird to ask out a random guy

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    • im not sure where to even meet guys at all... and im going to this art gallery, which i something i have never done before. so that would be interesting, and for all i know i might find someone there... but to be honest i find socializing a bit challenging

    • I'm in the same boat as you. It'll feel uncomfortable at first, but you'll get used to it. Trust me.

  • Hmm... No idea... I'd like to know a bit about you in order to judge

    • well i dont have a lot of experience when it comes to dating.. so whenever im on a date with someone or if i think it could work out i freak out lol im very healthy, i work out a lot and i go to uni. The last date i was on was 11 days ago.. i haven heard from the guy since then.. i dont know what you wan to know... i dont meet people a lot so maybe thats my problem

    • Well
      feel free to message me
      I got to go to the grocery store for dinner ^^

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  • I'd say it's your fault if you constantly struggle with any kind of relationship. Not just romantic but friendship wise too. If you can however maintain friendships and people tell you that you're a good friend and person then I don't see how it can be your fault for being single. You just likely haven't met the right person yet. Usually people who have actual issues and who do off putting things will experience lack of normal friendships too.

    • well im not great at making friends... but the friends i d have told me they like hangig out with me.. so i can't be that terrible of a person

    • @Asker
      yeah it's not about how many friends you make it's about how well you can maintain the friendships you do have