What would be your definition of a date?

What things would have to happen for it to be considered a date rather than just chilling with a friend?

The reasoning of me asking is so I can figure this girl out. we went out today but I want to know what are somethings girls would do if they're interested more than friends in a guy. I know each girl is different but I'm curious


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  • for me I think that I would like to feel a connection of some kind, maybe even know that it was a date from the start. If I'm with a friend then I think it is how I'm looking at the situation. No attraction, just having fun, and nothing sexual of course. I think on a date I would be more touchy feely and make eye contact and stuff.

  • if you paid for stuff and she didn't.

    • Haha well dang then she offered to pay but I refused to let her give me her money so does that still count?

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