What should I have done?

So there was this one girl that I had a crush on. She was average looking but her personality was amazing. Let call her Sarah.

Me, Sarah and other friends would sit sometimes at the same table. So when time did pass I noticed that Sarah was flirting with a friend of mine (lets call him Joe).

So one time when I was sitting with 5 or 6 guys. Someone brought it up. How my crush Sarah (none of them knew she was my crush) was flirting with Joe. He was like yes I know. Other friends said you should do something (have sex with her). But Joe was like "Meh, I'm not interested in her". I know for a fact that Joe has no interest in having a relationship. When he does date a girl it is only for sex.

After some weeks I heard Sarah gave Joe a BJ at the cinema. Joe says she is nothing but a sult. I lost all interest in her.

Was there something I could have done to win her over before this happend?


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  • No, I don't think you could have done anything and your post proves that, if you would have been with her, you would ended up with a wrong person, so be thankful to the fact that you lost interest in her.


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  • you could have showed interest in her, or told your friend that you liked her so he woulda backed off..


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