Should I delete her from facebook?

This girl I've liked for 6 months recently came back into my life and we'd been talking and texting steadily for a few weeks and then Monday I dropped a bomb of sorts when she told me a new guy she liked had upped and left and I told her I never had and explained that I still like her and cared about her a lot and she stopped respondin to my texts... were still friends on FB. I unfollowed her awhile back so I don't see her posts in my feed and I don't even look at her profile...

i thiught she still cared or maybe had feelings because she had asked me about a doctors appointment I had, I'm HIV+ and she had come with me to my last appointment in February ... we began talking again after that and all was good up until 2 days ago... and it was a big deal to me because nobody ever remembers my appointments the way she did

should i I delete her or just ignore her for awhile


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  • I don't think you necessarily have to delete her from Facebook. You're still friends, aren't you? Maybe she just feels awkward since you admitted your feelings to her, she may not have known how to respond. Just give her some time and space, you don't have to un-friend her on social media though just because of this. Hopefully things will eventually work out, she may try to reach out to you at some point or maybe you will want to reach out to her. You don't know what the future might hold.


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  • It sounds like you've done everything you can do, you told her how you feel, there could be a lot of reasons why she's not responding. She might be thinking it over or maybe she doesn't want to hurt your feelings by turning you down. It's nice that she went to your appointment with you, she probably does care somewhat. I don't know if you should delete her, do what you think is best but the ball is definitely in her court. You should probably wait for her to contact you, IF she does.

    • She didn't go to my appointment because she had school I texted her yesterday because before all this drama I promised her I'd let her know... no response

    • I'm sorry, it doesn't sound like you will be getting a response anytime soon. Personally, at this point I would delete her. If she does come back around, you should think twice about getting involved with her. The kind of person who disappears like that without any explanation, is probably not worth your time.

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