If I can't stop thinking about a guy for over 6 months even though he is only a classmate and nothing more, does it mean I am in love with him?

I don't know him very well but I can't stop thinking about him and the few incidents when he touched me and his skin felt hot against mine or that one time he leaned over my book and got really close and I could feel the heat emitting from his body and stopped dead in my tracks!
How can I get over it? I am seriously disturbed by the thoughts I am having!


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  • Have you ever talked to him? Maybe asked if he'd like to go out for coffee, or try to get to know him better? Or is he taken already?

    • I talk to him every time I see him in my class but I don't know anything about his relationship status or his personal life. I knew him for a while and I wasn't interested in him at all and then one day he grabbed my ankle while looking into my eyes as a joke and that's when i started to actually see him as more than person-who-is-breathing-air-next-to-me.
      My thoughts are interfering with my daily tasks!
      Do you really think knowing him better will make me stop thinking about him?

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    • Thank you for your advice. I wish I could just wake up one day and not remember him...

    • No problem. This too shall pass, trust me. I've had my share of these situations. I think you'll be fine, for what it's worth.

      "The Cat Who Jumps Over Streams" ~streamhopper, Scott

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  • I think more infatuation. If you're thinking of mostly physical factors like touches, it's not love. Love is more when you know someone personally and adore them, flaws and perfections in all; when that person makes you feel safe and important.
    Most likely you'll get over it when you find someone else