Should I approach this guy?

Well, I met this guy in my french class, when I saw him I totally got nervous, I thought he was really hot so I stared at him many times lol We had like 3 classes together because our groups were separated so once he looked at me and I looked at him back and he turned his face quickly, like "damn, busted" lol.

I thought I would never see him again because they were just two/three classes... but, I FOUND HIM IN THE GYM I go to, I didn't know what to do honestly, I got super nervous like "this is not even possible, why is he even here?". After a while I said "hi", he did the same but it was totally casual.
I'm a stalker so I found his FB account but nope, I won't send him a friend request because we don't know yet. What I found is that he's single and that he's a good guy.

Should I talk to him more? Should I try something? Should I forget him? Should I let him do the approach?

by the way, he's 23, I'm 16. In Mexico the whole age thing is not like many other countries, not a big deal, but, what you think, is it too much?

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  • Send him a FB request (I don't think I could lol)
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  • He's way too older for you (but age doesn't matter :( right?)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Haha i am half mexican and that age gap is actually respectable lol!!
    i know dudes who are 23 and go after 14 year old girls...

    I say, you make little gestures and moves toward him
    Ask him how he did in the french class, and if he could help you out, because you have no one else to practice with or something
    Exchange numbers, invite him over your place, or go to his... Badda bing botta boom!

    • Yeah, I know! That's what I thought, I think it's not that much... Just 7 years.

      That is a great advice!! Thanks a lot!

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    • yeah its ok who needs him anyway!

    • Hahaha sure, there are tons of hot guys in that gym XDDD

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What Guys Said 5

  • since its Mexico I don't know about the age gap and how its viewed really, even though you said like other countries, but hey look at this as a way to make a new friend! go for it.

  • Yeah it's always best to know rather than contemplate

  • Is this guy shy? I think he should make the first move. But talking with him wouldn't hurt you either, I think. Stalking on Facebook LOL nice.

    • I'm not very sure if he's extrovert or introvert, he looks like ambivert XD
      You are right, I should wait but I'll do the first move if I don't see stuff "moving" XD

      Yeah, Imma stalker LOL

  • You're not even a woman yet. Don't mess around with older men.

  • Please don't stalk me... hahaha 😜😜

    Well he is too old for you I think... so I think you should not approach him... period...😊

    • Ooh, just 7 years :( hahaha

      I'll stalk you as much as I want XD

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    • LOL OK stalk me as much as you want..😁

      Ya you should make the first move !!

    • Hahahaha I will lol
      I will do that too! Gotta get him XD

What Girls Said 2

  • Yeah you should or you'll regret it for a long time. You can communicate with a person a lot better in real life than Facebook. Don't forget to ask him number.

    • That's for damn sure, I don't want to regret it and it's better in we talk in person, totally right.

      Asking his phone number... ummm, I could get a little shy while doing that.

  • Sure, you should.