Ran into my ex.. did I mess up?

I saw her she approached me yesterday taking a class at the same school. Was casual I ended the conversation. Told her I do miss her etc . I saw her today aplrached her. started talking small talk stuff. Made her laugh. Was an awkward pause and I just laughed saying this doesn't have to be awkward. She said this is so awkward and laughed more. She started looking like she was about to cry half way through the conversation. I guess I kind of lingered on the conversation. I didn't want to leave off on an awkward note but more friendly. But rhw factthat she almost cried says something right?


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  • She's your ex. Who ended the relationship and why? What do you want from her?

    • She ended it. Parents gave her an ultimatum of ever talking to her again and her college fund. She broke down and dropped me.

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    • So what's the point in trying to see her now? Doesn't it just prolong the inevitable?

    • Well I don't know forsure if she left me for those reasons. I'm kind of curious to find the absolute truth she was kind of all over the place during the breakup

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  • It didn't seem like you did at all

    • Kind of lingered on the conversation though. Like I said I just wanted to end it by getting her to laugh a little more rather than an awkward.. Yea ok bye.

  • Dude, get over her, she's an ex. Move on.

    And before you say you still have feelings for her... STFU.

    Move. On.

    • Haha u sound jaded bro.

    • No, I am giving you sage advice. There are billions of women on the planet. Find one who you don't have a broken past with. You WILL be better for it.