How do crappy (i. e., jerk), ex boyfriends feel if they contact their ex after the breakup and she doesn't even bother to respond?

I broke up my ex several months ago. We dated for about 5 months. But I didn't tell him all of the reasons why. I basically said it was because I was looking for a relationship that could possibly progress into something long-term, whereas he wasn't looking for anything serious. I also said it was because I wanted to date someone the same religion as me (he's an atheist). And then we parted amicably.
I left out the parts that I think he is narcissistic, was a terrible boyfriend, is emotionally unavailble, is avoidant, is a man-child, is incapable of providing any emotional support, and can be mean-spirited (he occasionally makes manipulative and/or mean remarks to me).

After we broke up, we talked about being friends. We texted occasionally for a few weeks. Then one day, I was like f-this and I deleted WhatsApp. In a moment of weakness, however, about a month later, I reinstalled it on my phone and an old message from him came through, "Hi, How are you doing :)". I ignored it and promptly deleted WhatsApp again forever!

He has not contacted me via other means (regular text or email). He would never call cause he "doesn't like" talking on the phone.
But I hope he's kicking himself now and I would have satisfaction knowing he's missing me.

I should add while he is a ttractive and egoistic, he is fairly geeky and can be shy. This prevents him from meeting other girls. I would bet 100% because of this, he is not seeing anyone. So, basically he is still sitting at home by himself every night.


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  • Probably wouldn't care or think you were a Bitch one of the two


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  • If he is a narscissit he could care less