I do not think we should start something. What does it mean when a guy says this?

It is not a good idea to 'start something, {He brought it up himself , I did NOT ASK , I was not EXPECTING to 'start anything'} while we were kissing- That was TEN days ago.} but then he keeps trying to spend time with you, and does things for you, and kisses you ,and shares personal things with you, and helps you with problems, and tells you he has feelings for you?

Why if a guy is doing all these things will he say it is not a good idea, then not go away - - Oh, there is no sex, I am a virgin{He does not know that} and I do not plan on changing that any time soon.

If you could shed some light ... Thank you.

I would also like to know reasons other then the stereotypical "Player" thing... Anyone experience with this ?.. We have been friend for long and we hang out all the time. I do not know why he brought it up, I not look for Boyfriend or SEX.


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  • You should step back a little bit. Don't get your feelings involved yet. If he doesn't want to start something then why all the kisses and stuff like that? I was in your position and just ended it today. It will not be worth it. Careful about ur virginity too, You never know. Those sweet talking...don't believe it. You may agree but in your mind you don't.

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