Have you ever been "SURE" a guy/girl liked you but you found out they didn't like you afterall?

I'm not talking about a "hunch" or "feeling", I mean you have been conversating with this person and they give you all the signs they like you. You find out they're single. At this point, you're 99.9 percent sure they LIKE you but you asked them our OR found out another way they don't like you.

This has happened to be many times. The first time it happened was my freshman year of high school. This girl in my freshman class had always stared at me, approached me, talked to me, "flirted" with me (at least I thought she did) and would go out of her way to be with me. I was CERTAIN she liked me. After I asked her out, she rejected me! I was STUNNED. STUNNED. This had only been the sixth girl I had asked out in my life and I thought she would say "yes" for sure!

What about you guys?

@blondfrog You and I are too similar here lol


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  • Yeah that's life all the time lol

    • Same here really, but there have been other times where I wasn't too sure they liked me (but I took a chance anyway.)

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    • I was just kidding dude relax :)

    • I know you were.

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  • Yesssss! Fortunately I was too shy to ever act on it. Dodged a bullet that time!

  • Lol. Yes! I was once in the exact same situation haha
    The dude gave me all kind of signs that he was into me (strared at me from a distance, always came to talk when he saw me, etc..) but turns out he thought I was cute but wasn't looking for a relationship..

    • I feel you here! What a shame. It's so odd, isn't it?

      This girl just told me "You're not my type, sorry", and I said "But you ACTED like I was"? Lol. She was speechless after that.

    • Haha yea :p
      Since then I decided not to tell the guy I llike him unless he doesn it first - just to be sure :p

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