What does it mean when two girls talk about other guys around you?

So there is this one girl I am starting to get a liking too, she shows signs of interest, we see each other about 6x a week because we train for the same sport together. Just her and I. I've known her for about 1 year but have gotten closer to her in the past few weeks, after she approached me and asked if I was willing to train with her.

Anyways today she went out to eat with her friend and asked if I wanted to go, so I went. Towards the end she mentioned to her other friend about how she went out with 2 guys last weekend, one she said she wasn't into but the other she was unsure of.

It kinda pissed me off but i didn't react to it and just changed the subject as quickly as I could. Do girls usully do this or is this a bad sign, she see's me just as a friend.


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  • She see's you as friend. One of the girls, so to speak.


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  • She knows you like her and she's putting you down by having a conversation about guys she's attracted to, basically showing you that you're of no concern romantically. You should really just stop seeing her and leave her wondering what happened.


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  • It means she doesn't give a fuck about you. Sorry.